A Platonic Relationship

Plato has been extremely obnoxious for the past couple of days, following me around, barking at me (yes, cats can bark), typing on my keyboard (he can’t spell for a darn), getting hair up my nose and making me sneeze. What’s up with that?

Update August 26: About 15 minutes after I got to work, it started to rain. A LOT. Thunder and lightening, the works. I was feeling smug that I’d already brought in the laundry until I remembered that I’d left the windows open. And poor Plato is terrified of thunder, but he deserves a good scare after the way he’s been acting lately. Anyway, the living room curtains are soaked as is the futon, only on my side, of course. I guess I’ll be sleeping on the spare tonight. Plato is hiding behind a box in the closet.


Any opinions about that? I love to hear from you.

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