Those Darn Media Rapists

   I got an urgent request this morning to proof a 136 page report about a media event. It had already been proofed by someone in Germany, but they wanted to be sure. It wasn’t bad, except one part where a musical artist described himself as a “media rapist”. Umm…did you mean rapper? Being the studly editor that I am, I got it done and still made the 12:00 kicking class.
   Things that suck department: The silly wench at Subway put sugary balsamic vinegar dressing on my turkey sandwich instead of the mayonnaise I asked for and now I feel queasy. And I needed some good cheese to make a quiche for dinner. What I could find was all hideously expensive, but one would not consider making a quiche without gruyere or emmenthal, non?
   Things that don’t suck department: My favorite brand of yoghurt disappeared after the quake but is finally back in stores. (The kind I was buying instead comes with a stupid little packet of sugar that I immediately throw away and then feel guilty about. My momma didn’t raise me to be wasteful.) (There are those danged parentheses again.)  I didn’t exactly dance a jig when I found it, but still. Sometimes it’s the little things.
   Site stats tells me how many people read this but not who. Whoever you are, thanks!

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