Hubby got a temporary job. It’s a 4000 square meter floor in a DIY center down past Yokohama. They’ve got ten days to get it done and he’s the glue guy. I’ve seen him do it. He glops the glue from the can onto the floor, then uses a glue spreader to even it out.  The installers come trotting along behind him laying the wooden tiles before the glue dries. The assistants run around opening boxes of tiles and collecting the trash. It’s almost poetry to watch.  (Actually, he said two of the guys are idiots who stand around with their thumbs up their noses, so he has to open the boxes and deal with the trash. Oh, well.)

I don’t have much work this week (and obviously I’m putting off what I do have while writing this) so this means I’m a housewife. (Or is it domestic engineer?) I actually cooked dinner last night! Two loads of laundry this morning, cleaned out the crisper (there was something green and slimy that may once have been neigi), tidied up the papers, write the blog then off to the gym to avoid the hottest part of the day. He has spoiled me rotten by taking care of the housework for so long, but I think I can remember how to do it. (Do I use parentheses too much?)

Just got a call from an agency I hate asking me for a voice sample and I don’t have one right now. (I do have one but it’s on DAT and I don’t think anyone even has a player for that anymore.) (Pardon my parentheses.) I glibly lied that I would make one just to get the woman off the phone.


Any opinions about that? I love to hear from you.

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